How Quizzr Works

Read these instructions carefully before taking the quiz!

Basics (Very Important. Do not skip):

  • Use latest version of either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to take the quiz.
  • If possible, take the quiz using Desktop or Laptop. An incoming phone call may interrupt you and affect your score.
  • Make sure that your computer / mobile time is synced with Internet: It should say ‘Your time is exact’ as shown below –

  • Do not refresh, click back button or press any button twice.


You need to be online a few minutes before the quiz begins. You will see a countdown timer button before the quiz starts.

Note: You have just 1 minute to click the button. This is done to ensure that all participants start the quiz at the same time!



Each question has four answer options. You have to choose any one answer.



After selecting the answer, click on ‘Confirm’ button to lock your answer and go to the next question.



If you do not wish to answer a question, you can click on ‘Pass’ button to move to the next question, to save time.



You have 20 seconds to answer each question. After 20 seconds, new question will be presented.



Pay attention to the timer. If you don’t select an answer before the timer ends, you will get 0 points for that question. There is no negative marking.



Do not click on ‘Refresh’ or ‘Back’ button while taking the quiz. If you do so, you will be disqualified from the quiz. Do not try to copy text from question or answers. The system does not allow it.


Are You Ready To Compete?
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